This web site is a joint venture of EmergeX Planning Inc and Vanguard EMC Inc, two professional services companies specializing in emergency management and business continuity.






EmergeX Planning Inc.

Founded in 1992, EmergeX Planning Inc. (EmergeX) is a leading risk and emergency management company, offering its expertise to clients worldwide. We offer a wide range of services, products, and training to clients across many industries and disciplines. In addition to the products, services and training listed on our website, we can develop customized services and training courses based on our clients' unique needs. Our team is comprised of professionals with years of experience in the fields of emergency planning, management, policy and regulatory development, legislative drafting, emergency management program development, research, communications and environmental management.





Vanguard Emergency

Vanguard EMC was incorporated in April 2001 as a management consulting company offering professional services for government and industry in the field of Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Emergency Operations Planning (EOP). We offer customized training and consulting services for all aspects of BCM and EOP. Vanguard EMC is a thriving consultancy with a diverse team of highly experienced professionals providing government and private sector clients with best practice guidance for all aspects of business continuity and emergency management. A list of services and many of our clients can be viewed on our website.
Vanguard EMC BCM professionals are fully certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute Canada and International. In addition our team has great depth and breadth of experience in emergency management, business continuity, project management and general management technique as well as telecommunications operations and management.